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As an affiliated organization of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea(hereafter MCST), the Korea National University of Arts runs the short-term fellowship program for Art educators and professionals called Art Major Faculty ‘Explore K-Arts’(hereafter, AMFEK). AMFEK is residency programmed sponsored by the MCST, and it invites professionals and academic researcher in various art fields from abroad each year for 5 months in order to promote artistic cooperation and cultural understanding and introduce Korea’s art and culture.
  • Program Objectives
    To promote the artistic and cultural network and cooperation by inviting art educators, researchers, or professional artists from institutions specialized in arts around the world To allow students from both countries to experience cultural diversity through exchange with each institutions’ art professionals and to strengthen the artistic creativity
  • Program Outline
    Invitation Eligibility
    • Professionals working actively as professors, lecturers, researchers, artist, or art administrator of an artistic/cultural institution (Ages through 25 to 45 preferred)
    • Field of Program: Schools* of Korea National University of Arts
      Music, Dance, Visual Arts, Drama, Film/TV/ Multimedia, Korean Traditional Arts
    • Region : See Eligible Countries chart
    • Period : June ~ November 2017 (Apprx. 5 months)
    • Requirement: Fluent in English OR in Korean language
    • Number of Participant: 5
  • Support to Participant
    • 1 K-Arts faculty member will be paired with the AMFEK participant as a mentor
    • 1 round-trip airfare (Economy class)
    Fully furnished guest-house
    on campus or a flat near
    the campus.
    Living expenses
    Living expenses
    KRW 900,000 per month
    5-month intensive Korean
    language lessons
    Basic medical insurance,
    Cultural field trips, etc.

    Partial or full support on proposed projects such as workshop, symposium, exhibition, performance, etc. according to its feasibility and importance

  • Activity and Obligation
    • Participation in orientation
    • Final report (Performance, Exhibition, Film or Documentary production, etc.)
      Korean language lesson
    • Participation in cultural events for the reciprocal cultural understanding; Festival, Seminar, Special Lecture, Master classes for K-arts students etc.
    • Participation on the research/creation project as a final presentation