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At a Glance

Welcome to the Korea National University of Arts
Wider Deeper
Thinking that goes deeper: our artists seek to understand the world around us, and reflect society’s joys and sorrows in the works they craft.
Imagination that grows wider: our artists explore the infinite possibilities of art, and express their discoveries with the full spectrum of their creativity.
We believe in the power of art education. We believe the deeper art education grows, the wider it becomes; and the wider it grows, the deeper it becomes.
K-ARTS will continue to raise young artists who engage with contemporary issues and create the classics of the future; a cradle for thinking that goes deeper, and imagination that grows ever wider.
Deeper & Wider
K-Arts, Create
the future classic.
Like a tree of life rooted deep into the earth.
Like the light of hope wide-spreading to the world.
The Korea National University of Arts orients itself towards a deeper education, a wider world of art
K-Arts at a Glance
School and Departments
6 and 27
School and Departments
Students studying in K-Arts
Students studying in K-Arts
Students-to-Faculty Ratio
Students-to-Faculty Ratio
instructors are full-time faculty
Procurement rate of full-time faculty
Annual Tuition Fee in KRW (approx. $4,300)
Scholarships granted
Scholarships granted

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