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  • Tuition Fee
    As a nation’s higher education institution committed to fostering creative artists, the K-Arts offers a full range of benefits to its students. K-Arts set the tuitions that students can concentrate their efforts on artistic activities without financial burden. In addition, most of the students, who are carefully selected finest talents, are beneficiaries of state scholarships as well as grants for creative activities. The K-Arts further assists in their creation by furnishing the latest genre-specific art materials and rare resources.
Annual Tuitions (Unit: KRW ten thousand) : KRW 4.8M
Tuition freeze/cut for 11 years from 2009 to 2019
of K-Arts students get scholarship
Total No. of scholarship recipients
5,514 million
Total amount of scholarship provided
※ Unit: KRW
Average amount of scholarship provided per a student
※ Unit: KRW
Annual Tuitions at Art Schools
(Unit: KRW ten thousand)
graph graph
S University
H University
E University
  • Average tuition of private universities in Korea(as of 2018): 782 ten thousand KRW
  • Grants & Scholarships
    K-Arts provides a wide range of scholarship programs depending on its student’s background, situation or funding requirements. The main sources of financial support are the university scholarships, private funding and scholarships and prodigy bursaries.

    First, there is a scholarship available for students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement.
    Second, there is a scholarship available for students who have difficulty in paying for their own tuition due to financial hardship. For the second type of scholarship there are two funding resources. K-Arts is sponsored by many diverse private enterprises and foundations that seek to foster artists of the future.
    Third, K-Arts provides a scholarship for artistic prodigies.

    For foreign students, K-Arts runs the AMA+ (Art Major Asian Scholarship) Project, more which is a Korean government scholarship for art major students from ODA recipient countries(see the list). more
    In addition, Korean government is offering other scholarship programs more for self-financed foreign students.
  • The university scholarships are as follows :
    The university scholarships are as follows
    • Excellent Admission Test Score Scholarship :
      Freshmen with the highest admission test scores
    • Good Admission Test Score Scholarship :
      Freshmen with the highest admission test scores
    • Academic Performance Scholarship :
      Students who received high GPA scores
    • School Development Contribution Scholarship :
      Students who contribute to the development of K-Arts, such as through being members of the student council, school newspaper, or executives of club associations
    • Academic Encouragement Scholarship :
      Students with financial difficulties (low-income or nearpoverty groups), such as recipients of basic livelihood security benefits
    • Family Scholarship :
      Students who have two or more siblings or a spouse enrolled at K-Arts
    • Community Service Scholarship :
      Students who have carried out community service
    • Work & Study Scholarship :
      Students with financial difficulties, such as recipients of basic livelihood security benefits or low-income groups, enrolled on the undergraduate program. Also, an On-Campus Work-Study Scholarship for students who wish to earn their tuition or living expenses by working on campus as students of the undergraduate or graduate program
    • Teaching Assistant (TA) Scholarship :
      Students working as a TA.
  • GKS Korean Government Support Program for Self-Financed Students
    This program is designed to support financial assistance for the international students who are enrolled at undergraduate programs in Korea with no financial support or sponsor.


Must be an international student in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of the Bachelor's or Associate degree at a Korean university at the time of applying;
※ Previous self-financed scholars who have received the scholarship twice can not reapply
Must have a total GPA of 80 percentile or higher;
Must have the previous semester's GPA of 80 percentile or higher;
Must have a Level 4 or higher on the TOPIK.
  • Scholarship Details
    • Monthly Allowance : 500,000 KRW per month
    • Scholarship period : Up to 10 months
    • Payment precedure : The NIIED transfers the scholarship money to the bank account of the relevant universities(Every Semester, twice a year). The universities then pay the monthly scholarship to the selected students on a monthly basis.