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  • K-Arts Library
    K-Arts Library started as a reference room at the School of Music in Seoul Arts Center. In July 1996, Seokgwan-dong Library opened and, in 1997, relocated to the arts information center in the new Seokgwan-dong campus building. The School of Music and School of Dance (opened in September 1996) were combined and relocated to the Seocho-dong campus in September 1999.
    We established the basis of Digital Library by introducing LINNET in 1996. And from XMLAS in 2003 to TULIP in 2012, we’ve gradually solidified our characters of arts specialized library. Now our library owns over 150,000 books (including arts specified books) and 70,000 non-printed materials such as scores and CDs. We’ve also collected over 10,000 e-books and school publications in our database to provide original-texts and images to our online users.
    K-Arts Library is dedicated to cultivating outstanding professional artists through providing various content and superb user services.

library owns

  • over 150,000 books (including arts specified books)
  • 70,000 non-printed materials such as scores and CDs.
  • over 10,000 e-books
  • Overnight Practice Room
    For the academic purpose or extracurricular use, K-Arts allows students to use university practice rooms after regular opening hours. Students who wish to use practice rooms between 11 p.m. to 9 a.m. should submit an Overnight Practice Room Use Form to the Administrative Office of the School.
  • K-Arts Theatre A
    Located at the Seokgwan-dong Campus, the art theatre opened in 2007 with the establishment of the new school building. As a proscenium-type stage, the theatre is equipped with state-of-the-art stage facilities and is optimized not only for drama, dance, music, and Korean traditional arts, but also for works of all experimental genres. The art theatre boasts 526 seats, detachable soundboards, and an orchestra pit, and is attached to four dressing rooms, an instrument storage room, and a costume storage room. This infrastructure was made possible by the passion for performing arts demonstrated by the K-ARTS community-professors and students actively engaged in the entire construction process with an aim of building their own dream venue.
  • K-Arts Theatre B
    Located at the Seokgwan-dong Campus along with Art Theatre A, this venue was built for music performances. The interior is particularly notable for its Korean design, and is equipped with 314 seats, an orchestra pit, and four dressing rooms.
  • KNUA Hall
    Located at the Seocho-dong Campus, KNUA Hall’s most prominent feature is its cutting-edge audio infrastructure optimized for music performance. It is a proscenium-style theatre equipped with a pipe organ, 368 seats, two dressing rooms, and a control room.
  • K-Ciné, Screening Room
    Located on the fifth floor of the Seokgwan-dong Library, the movie theatre is equipped with the latest 7.1 channel sound equipment and a large screen, along with 257 seats (including 5 accessible seats). The School of Film, TV & Multimedia also houses 3 screening rooms of varying sizes.
  • Gallery
    Located at the Seokgwan-dong Campus, the 410.57m2 gallery is notable for its high ceilings, spacious interior, and ease of art installation. It is also suitable for cross- or post-genre performances and screenings. The gallery is equipped with a guide booth and a workshop storage room.