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LIM June-hee
Dean of the School of Korean Traditional Arts

The soul of the Korean people finds expression in Korean Traditional Arts. Korea has ultimately accepted and internalized the great creeds and religions of the world, such as Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity, and we as a people have a deep cultural capability to digest diverse cultures. As such, our reliable cultural capability forms the foundation for the creation of new arts. In art history, interaction with surrounding cultures and the creation of new arts define what it is to be an artist. The School of Korean Traditional Arts has two goals: one is to study the traditional arts that embrace Korean people’s identity, and the other is to create new arts that meet contemporary challenges through academic study. Globalization has given way to glocalization, with the immediate now more important than ever and a global perspective that’s smaller than ever. Such changes have had a profound impact on contemporary artistic practice. We must not let the original goal of art be thrown into confusion. We must establish the identity of Korean culture as rooted in Korean Traditional Arts and foster creative competencies for the future artistic practice. This is the way to fulfill the noble spirit of the arts for the greater future of Korea, Asia and the world.