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  • Traditional Arts NANUM center
    Due to the recent scene in which Korean culture has been recognized, K-Arts School of Traditional Arts appreciates the importance of Korean traditional art vitalization. Also, the importance of mutual respect and identity for multicultural coexistence is becoming more important in a more diversified community. Residents living in Korea demand proper means to assimilate to the real culture and art of Korea. Korean traditional Arts is the best vehicle to experience intrinsic culture and value. With attention to the overall demands for Korean Culture organized, experienced experts for the Korean traditional arts created the NANUM (sharing) project. NANUM Project works to further the practice of sharing culture. With knowhow and ability to educate talented individuals, K-Arts School of Traditional Arts activates professional organizations to express Korean traditional art effectively. NANUM project endeavors to create lasting connections between people and traditional arts. Furthermore it motivates people to bond with Korean society and culture. We hope to provide various opportunities to share Korean traditional arts for members of multicultural families, people working for the benefit of art and culture, and society as a whole.
  • NANUM School
    NANUM school was established to provide opportunities to understand and experience Korean traditional arts overall. The course is scheduled for 15 weeks, every Saturday. The integrated curriculum consists of Instrument (Danso, Gayagum, Haegum), Vocal Music, Percussion and Dance. Students of all ages are invited to participate twice a year. The entire program is conducted in Korean. Priority enrollment for the first NANUM school began on March 30, 2013. (details)
  • NANUM Performance
    NANUM performances represent high-class Korean cultural content. The performances are scheduled to run annually in Korea and abroad. (details)