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  • School Health & Physical Therapy Services
    K-Arts Health Services provide free primary health care to all enrolled K-Arts undergraduate and graduate students with an emphasis on teaching illness/injury prevention and health promotion. All medical services are conducted on-site at K-Arts, and basic physical therapy is also available at the Health Services Clinic. In addition, the Physical Therapy Room is located on the second floor of the Seocho-dong Campus, which is equipped with modalities such as ultrasound, electro-stimulation and paraffin, a sprung dance floor, pilates machine, biofeedback device, and an array of exercise apparatus. Physical therapy is available to all students on an appointment basis (call Ext. 167) or during scheduled walk-in hours during the week. Students in all disciplines are encouraged to seek guidance and take preventative measures by scheduling a health service or a physical therapy appointment before their disease or injury becomes debilitating.
  • Student counseling office
    It is an office offering services related to mental health for students’ happiness and active university life.
    student counseling
    • Student counseling office :
      one-on-one sessions with a psychological professional are available to help deal with psychological conflicts such as anxiety, depression, and personal relations
    • Group Counselling :
      a session where students with similar interests and worries gather in a small group to exchange and solve problems
    • Psychological Inspection :
      a session through objective psychological inspection tools to understand the personality, behavior, mood, aptitude and predict the direction of treatment
      - Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory (MMPI-2), Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI), Korean Inventory of interpersonal problems (KIIP), Character Strength Test (CST), Sentence Completion Test (SCT)
    • Freshmen psychological inspection :
      a session to apprehend a latent feeling of discomfort and connect students to counseling in order to help their adaptation to a new school environment
    • Crisis intervention and connection with other organizations :
      find students in need of medical treatment and connect them to other professional organizations for treatment
    • Support for mental health treatment fees :
      support fees related to mental health, medical treatment and related injuries
    • Lectures and education about mental health :
      for staff and students, it opens various lectures and workshops about crisis management and adaption to the school life
      ※ Every session guarantees confidence. For more details such as to register for a session, please refer to the center for student’s support website.
  • Gender equality office
    The gender equality office operates under the women activity research center of Korea National University of Arts. Members of Korea National University of Arts have been protected by school regulations regarding sexual harassment since first semester in 2006. The「Korea National University of Arts regulations about prevention and handling of sexual harassment and violence」was newly established to protect all members from sexual harassment and violence and eradicate them on campus. The gender equality office has made efforts to encourage prevention education, solve sexual harassment cases on campus, and support victims.