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Faculty of Arts and Liberal Studies

What is the Faculty of Arts and Liberal Studies?
The Faculty of Arts and Liberal Studies is an educational department that provides a wide variety of liberal arts courses—ranging from the humanities and social studies to physical education and science—in order to organically combine liberal arts with arts-based majors.
  • 1. What are the required credits for liberal arts courses?
    Students can take liberal arts courses without any restrictions in terms of course content and credits; however, the amount of credits required for graduation varies by school.
    Required Credits
    • School of Music
    • School of Drama
    • School of Film, TV & Multimedia
    • School of Dance
    • School of Visual Arts
    • School of Korean Traditional Arts
      (Department of Arts Theory)

    ※ Average credits for standard liberal arts curriculum: 2 credits per course (2 hours)

  • 2. What is the open education "Special Lecture Series"?
    The Faculty of Arts and Liberal Studies offers a special lecture series in the spring and fall of every year. These series are open not only to undergraduate students, but also to faculty members, students from other schools, and the general public. By offering these series, which explore relevant topics and social concerns, we hope to grow as place of communication where people can broaden their artistic horizons and expand their knowledge.

    ※ The topics of our special lecture series are flexible, and we encourage students to share their proposals and ideas for special lectures.

  • 3. What is the book reading project "The Library of Young Artists"?
    Every month, faculty and lecturers recommend books for students on diverse and meaningful topics. Recommended reading may include classical books or books dealing with major contemporary issues. Based on these recommended books, students are invited to write their own essays for our annual book report competitions. Outstanding submissions are selected for publication.
    Courses by Semester
    • Semester1-2
      • Courses Operated by the Faculty of Arts and Liberal Studies
      • Introduction to Culture and Arts Education · Understanding and Practicing Culture and Arts Education ​
      • Physical Education 1 · Physical Education 2 · Ceramics Molding
      • Social Service · Art Service I · Art Service
      • Writing in Humanities · Writing in Arts
      • Convergence, Originality & Creativity Workshop · Convergence, Creativity & Research Workshop · Computer Programming for Artists
      • Basic French · Basic German · Elementary Korean · Basic Korean · Intermediate Korean · Advanced Korean
      • [E-Learning] Animation: Contemporary Film Culture · Understanding Film Language
    • 1
      • Basic Drawing Practice 1 · Basics of Traditional Painting 1 · Basics of Traditional Vocal Music
      • Traditional Dance 1 · Dance Sports 1 · Dance and Choreography: Talk Yourself Into Motion · Traditional Martial Arts · Yoga · Basics of Jazz Dance · Basics of Motion
      • Elementary Japanese 1 · Elementary Chinese 1 · Intermediate Japanese 1 · Intermediate Chinese 1 · Practical English 1 · Practical English 3
      • Understanding Film · Understanding Korean History · Understanding Fine Arts · Understanding Physics and Humanity · Understanding African Culture
      • Prospect of Modern Thoughts · What is Justice? · Introduction to Cultural Studies · Classics and Art of the East and West · Thoughts on Korean Art · Exploring Human Values · Chinese Literature and Thoughts · Art and Society · 20th Century Cultural History Through Music · Reading Popular Music · Korean Urban Culture and Popular Music · Culture Review: Film, Photos, Literature · Perception, War, and Media Technology · Digital Technology and Arts · Arts in the Post-Human Era · Introduction to Feminism Needed Today
      • Photo and Expression · World of Sound · Film Music
      • Nonviolent Dialogue for Human Relationships and Communication · Meeting with Mentors · Law for Artists
    • 2
      • Basic Drawing Practice 2 · Basics of Traditional Painting 2
      • Traditional Dance 2 · Dance Sports 2 · Body Language · General Choir · Musicing: Music and Sound in the 21st Century · Gestures Study and Training
      • Elementary Japanese 2 · Elementary Chinese 2 · Intermediate Japanese 2 · Intermediate Chinese 2 · Practical English 2 · Practical English 4
      • Understanding Music · Understanding Theater · Understanding Traditional Performing Art · Understanding Literature · Understanding Modern China
      • Arts and Women · Arts and Esthetics · Fundamental Problems of Art Philosophy · Arts and Humanity · Exploring Art Theories and the Spirit of the Times · Art and Power: History of Conflict and Compromise · Sociology of the Body and Desire · World History · Art and Politics · Study of the Modern History of Korea · Age of the Visual: Contemporary Art and Culture · Future of the Chinese Film and Cultural Industry · City, Space and Environment
      • Science Walk · Science Fiction · Meeting of Science, Art, and Culture
      • Popular Music and Media · Fashion and the Arts · Narrative and the Arts · Photo and Film · Human Relations and Mental Health
    • Summer-
      • Introduction to Culture and Art Education · Motion and Meditation · A Trip to Ethnic Dancing · Physical Education 1 · Basic French · Body and Healing · Theory and Practice of Storytelling · Basic German · Basic Drawing Practice 1 · Traditional Dance 1 · Basics of Traditional Painting 1 · Understanding Korean History · Introduction to Feminism Needed Today · Body Language · Study of the Modern History of Korea