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  • Center for Visual Studies
    The Center for Visual Studies was established to lay the groundwork for a qualitative improvement of research and creative activities throughout the field of fine arts. It was founded to build a high-level culture of art and narrow the distance between the general public and art based on collaboration between art and industry. The Center is dedicated to the study of fine arts in the Department of Art Theory, and it is in charge of planning, administration and implementation of timely exhibitions, symposiums, and publications. The annual projects of the Center consist of the operation of the galleries and publication of Visual. The Center was in charge of planning the exhibitions of Gallery 126 and KNUA Gallery that opened in October 2000, and is currently in charge of planning the exhibitions and managing Gallery 175 (located in Anguk-dong, Jongno-gu) and Gallery B105 (currently Gallery 104/on campus) that opened in August 2003. In Anguk-dong, Jongno-gu, there is a concentration of art institutions and Gallery 175 has positioned itself as a venue for young artists to express their artistic language. Gallery B104 located in the basement of the School of Visual Arts is an outcome of the efforts made by its faculty. Its founding design was to prove that creation and presentation are inseparable and it primarily hosts exhibitions of student projects and contests. Another key project of the Center for Visual Studies is the publication of Visual. Since the first issue in 2002 was published to provide a theoretical foundation of art creation based on in-depth analysis and research of arts and visual culture, there have been ten issues published to date. Based on timely planning, it has contributed to satisfying the intellectual needs of readers who are at least masters of art colleges, and at establishing a rich discourse centered on contemporary practice in the art world. Starting with the feature “Restating Paintings” of the first issue, Visual has covered many aspects of art, such as “Placeness”, “Art in Visual Culture”, “Arts, Money and Power”, “Beyond Nationalism”, “Art and Society”, “Art in the Public Sector”, “Global Movements and Young Artists”, and “Place and Art Activities”. Vol.11 will be published in September 2014, covering “Art Education”.