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HAN Sang-Jin
Dean of the School of Film, TV & Multimedia

Korea National University of Arts: The School of Film, TV & Multimedia was established in 1995 with a vision to provide a creative media education. The study of the Filmmaking, the Broadcasting, the Animation, and the Multimedia are more hands-on, and the Cinema Theory is more scholarly research focused. While offering all five fields in both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, the School of Film, TV & Multimedia has become the center of Korea’s media arts education.

Now a days, the media arts are no longer represented as only the practice of specific media, genres, or texts. With the firm understanding of the technology and its ever-changing development of the media arts, various experimental storytelling can be created. In another words, the media arts can act as different outlets for the creators to communicate with the world, as well as to merge the numerous existing art forms as a contemporary culture.

In alinement to the fast changing and developing media industry, the education sector is also evolving. Not only does the School of Film, TV & Multimedia provides advance teaching in various segmentations and divisions of media and genre, it also offers opportunities to interact and bridge with different medias and programs. As it adjusts to rapidly enhancing medias and the surrounding technologies, the School of Film, TV & Multimedia continues to maintain the importance of foundation of the creative aspects of the arts. As The School of Film, TV & Multimedia students’ are encouraged to communicate in various ways via intensive thoughts and questions as well as their imaginations, we believe our students will become the pioneers, rather than the followers of the advancing technology and evolving industry. Our students are also given the opportunities to interact and learn through the different collaborative projects with the diverse cultures of the multiple leading media academic institutions from China and Japan. Devoted teachings of the Korea’s leading instructors and the students’ work recognized in the various national and international media and film festival, all lead to the renowned performances of our alumni within the numerous areas of the industry.

Film, an universal language, has been documenting the history of art from the past as well as providing a new experiences the future. The School of Film, TV & Multimedia will continue to best support our future multimedia artists to transpire their creative minds with the ability to empathize with the others.