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Woo dong-sun
Dean of the School of Visual Arts

The 21st Century is seeing an ongoing paradigm shift in contemporary academic discourse that is uprooting traditional models of education, with fundamental changes consequently sweeping across the field of art education. Creative thinking skills, comprehensive perception of the period, and communication skills are some of the important skills demanded of artists in these times of change. To this end, the School of Visual Arts has fundamentally reorganized and restructured the framework of art education by focusing on critical thinking, problem solving skills, discussion and communication skills and breaking away from the previous customs of education focused solely on handicraft techniques and formative senses. Furthermore, the School of Visual Arts actively collaborates with other schools to keep pace with the current times that demand technical convergence in addition to humanistic knowledge based on art, as it has become difficult to connect with a contemporary audience with nothing but an artistic way of thinking. The outcomes of this new educational approach are already apparent thanks to the success of the graduates of K-Arts who are distinguishing themselves across the arts. The School of Visual Arts will lead the development of 21st Century Korean art education by sustaining the efforts that have been made for the past 18 years of our School’s history.