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The Conservatory was built in 1999
School of Music is equipped with extensive facilities for the practice and education of music. These facilities include rooms for rehearsals, lessons, professors and chamber music, along with rooms for ensembles, music, organ, percussions and pianos, providing students with sectional rehearsal spaces for each major and maximizing the capabilities of the students. Moreover, the KNUA Hall, with a capacity of 368 seats, provides year-round opportunities for students to perform and accumulate hands-on experience. The School has grown in international academic statue by securing the optimum educational materials through considerable investment to provide high-level music education. There are 48 grand pianos (36 Steinways, 5 Yamahas, and 6 Kawais), 68 upright pianos (43 Yamahas and 6 Kawais), 19 digital pianos, one celesta, 3 harpsichords, 2 electronic organs, and 2 pipe organs (including the one in the KNUA Hall). Furthermore, there are 336 musical instruments, such as string, wind and percussion instruments, for ensembles and orchestras, along with traditional instruments, including the gayageum and janggo.

Instrumental Studio

  • Organ Studio : There are organs, Wilhelm, and 11-stop pipe organs.
  • Harpsichord Studio : There are 3 harpsichords.
  • Percussion Studio : There are total 78 instruments of 22 kinds including marimba, timpani, drum set, glockenspiel, and snare drum.
  • Piano Lab : There are 19 digital pianos and projection screens.


Lessons and Chamber Music

There are 9 rooms for lessons equipped with Steinway, Yamaha, and Kawai grand pianos for private lessons, and rooms for chamber music equipped with upright pianos for ensemble lessons.


Practice Room

There are 92 rooms for individual practice with upright pianos and Yamaha and Kawai grand pianos.


Rehearsal Room

The room is equipped with a Steinway grand piano, a celesta, 12 contrabasses as well as video and audio equipment for rehearsals of an orchestra or large-group performances.


Electronic Music Studio

The studio has synthesizers, Mac computers, video projectors, sound synthesizers, and audio equipment, enabling students to engage in education, creation, production, performance and research. It is mainly used as a lecture room for music technology majors.



This 368-seat performance hall has the only Schnitger-style Baroque organ in Korea, and it frequently hosts students’ recitals and concerts. link