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PARK Sang-hyeon
Dean of the School of Drama

Performing arts are evolving to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. To cope with these changes, the School of Drama offers a variety of curricula to provide education on the essentials and customs of drama, as well as convergence in the form of collaborative creation across majors. Moreover, the School offers humanities programs that provide opportunities to find new inspirations and ideas to lay the groundwork for artistic creations. It has now been 20 years since the foundation of the School of Drama. All the efforts made by the School of Drama thus far have been predicated on a stated aim to lead the future of drama in Korea.

The achievements made by the small but powerful school were outstanding. It was an honor for the school. However, the School of Drama does not rest on present success. Rather, we continue to shape the future of a School with greater excellence and academic leadership across performing arts. We will strive to provide new styles of education as demanded by contemporary artistic practice, with engagement across the surrounding arts and education that gives inspiration so that the students can realize their dreams in the School of Drama.