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Message from the President


Kim Bongryol
President of the Korea National University of Arts

The Artist’s Laboratory Where Dreams Are Made Korea National University of Arts (K-Arts) is the foremost national arts university in Korea with the capabilities and purpose necessary to train artists to lead the contemporary arts scene.
Today, our status and achievements have reached their apotheosis. Yet, the starting point of this journey is the humanities-based approach to education provided by K-Arts. Art projects not only human emotions, but also human thoughts. As such, art is defined by the ability to offer a new perspective on humanity. This understanding of the essence of art is the starting point for greater self-introspection and understanding of others. Furthermore, it enables one to better understand and empathize with other cultures and societies. ‘Art’ in effect acts as a medium for people to easily and spontaneously accept what it is to understand humanity. K-Arts offers convergence-based arts education across six schools designed to foster a natural exploration of the essence of humanity. The education provided by K-Arts in culture, race, nationality, region and ideology enables everyone to ‘embrace the world and overcome differences’. Indeed, K-Arts devotes itself to being an arts university that ‘opens the future’ based on seeking to augment human understanding.
Founded over 20 years ago without a single building, K-Arts had the seemingly ‘impossible dream’ of fostering world-renowned artists without sending them overseas to study. Today, K-Arts has raised its international standing as an arts school with a remarkable track-record. By eliminating or remedying the shortcomings and flaws it once faced, it can now newly cultivate and promote the dreams held by the faculty and students with passion and potential. We can achieve as much as we have dreamed. As Goethe said, “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” K-Arts will strive to provide an artistic lab for the young at heart who seek as artists to create macroscopic prospects of the new human race and explore dreams of the future, create new paths to furthering those dreams, and cultivate both confidence and intellect.