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School of Music Director

LEE Kangho
Dean of the School of Music

The K-Arts School of Music is filled with young vigor and passion for music. The artistic energy of both the faculty and students who simply love music has grown in strength to act as a source of power for young musicians from the School of Music to win leading international competitions and build their careers confidently in the global arena. Established in 1993, the School of Music, Korea’s only educational institute of music, is a conservatory focusing on practice. By fostering world-renowned musicians, the School aims to become the world’s best educational institute of music. To this end, the ultimate goal of education at the School is to foster creative professional musicians by offering intensive major courses that are differentiated in design and delivery from other music schools. Such an innovative and differentiated pedagogic approach has already won recognition for the achievements it has enabled, as proven by the successful activities of students and graduates of the School of Music who have won countless international competitions and continue to achieve brilliant exploits across the world. The School of Music has recently joined the ranks of the world’s most prestigious music schools. As part of our dream of becoming the best music school in the world, we will produce talented musicians capable of taking global music circles by storm. This is the way our School contributes to the nation and Korean society as a highly competitive and prestigious music school.