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  • Technical Management Center
    The Technical Management Center was established to improve the students’ ability to produce visual works by providing adequate support for various workshops and productions in the curriculum, based on efficient and systematic supply, management and maintenance of equipment used in the School of Film, TV & Multimedia. It efficiently operates and manages facilities and tools of the School, being in charge of technical support for various courses and workshops offered by the School. The Center manages 5 studios, over 90 practice rooms, 12 projection rooms, a darkroom and other lecture halls, and it supplies, manages and repairs more than 1,000 types of educational tools and materials.
  • Trans-Asia Screen Culture Institute
    The Trans-Asia Screen Culture Institute aims to conduct interdisciplinary studies of visual culture, regional studies and visual production of Asia in order to produce a discourse balanced with practice and theory and breathe fresh energy into Asian cultural studies. The Institute takes the initiative in leading new trends of cultural studies across Asia, sharing research findings and project accomplishments with various interested researchers and organizations through lectures or publications. Since 2001, it has annually hosted the Trans-Asia International Symposium inviting researchers and producers of visual culture from Asia and other countries of the world. Moreover, the Institute hosts monthly forums that invite and introduce researchers in visual culture and media studies in Korea and abroad. It also shares research findings and promote interaction by annually hosting the “Trans Academy”, which is a public lecture for K-Arts students and the general public. Based on research and education projects, the Institute published books such as Trans: Asia Screen Culture> and <Modernity and Geopolitical Aesthetics of Asian Films>, as well as the journal <The Journal of Trans Asia Screen Culture> and online journal <Trans Review>. Since 2012, the Institute has been participating in the <Compendium of Korean Film History> project with the support of the National Research Foundation of Korea.
  • Film & Multimedia Archives
    The Film & Multimedia Archives are established to collect and preserve visual materials and build and utilize database. Its main role is to store data and manage screening copies of works by the students of the School of Film, TV & Multimedia as well as rare materials. The collected materials are systematically managed on computer, arranged by bar codes according to various classification schemes. Moreover, there is a small projection room that offers screenings of students’ works and rare materials. There are over 2,500 Korean and global visual materials (VHS and DVD) and 1,000 works from workshops and graduation projects of the four Departments (Filmmaking, Animation, Broadcasting, Multimedia) of the School of Film, TV & Multimedia. These materials are used for classes and researches by the students and faculty members of the School only. All works by students have been systematically managed on computer since 2008 as part of the unification of student work distribution. Since 2012, the distribution and use of students’ works are delegated to the Media Contents Center.