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  • I'd like to know the admission process for foreigners to K-Arts.

    There are two main types :
    1. The general admission process can be applied to any student who meets the requirements for admission, and the students have to study with their own expense.
    2. AMA+ Scholarship is a state-funded scholarship program that supports all tuition fees, living expenses, and basic medical insurance. Only students with ODA 142 countries of nationality can apply to the AMA+ scholarship.

    The above two programs are a degree-acquired course and must be applied separately by individuals. 

  • Is the application for admission e-mail or online?

    Application for overseas Koreans and foreigners

    Undergraduate : Online application, submission of related documents by direct visit or international mail.

     Graduate School :  Direct visit or international mail reception 

  • When is the application for admission?

    Each major has a different application period. Please check the admission information of the school's Korean language website and English site as well(Admission to freshmen other than the quota file will be uploaded during the first half of the year) and announcements at all times. Please check the notice of the English admission site for the application of AMA+ scholarship program if you are eligible to apply. 


    ●  K-Arts Admission Information :


    ●   K-Arts English website :