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  • Playwriting/ DirectingKIM Tae-woong
    sample Department Head
    • M.F.A. in Playwriting, The Korea National University of Arts
    • B.A., Philosophy, Seoul National University
    • Playwriting Award Seoul Performing Arts Festival, DongA Theatre Prize, Best 3, Best 5 Prize
    • Plays: 《Confession》, 《Yi》, 《Happy Life》, 《Symphony Ballon》, 《The Flying of Flies》, 《Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring》, etc.
  • Playwriting/ DirectingPARK Sang-hyeon
    sample Dean
    • M.A., Theatre, Miami University, USA
    • B.A. in Communication, Seogang University
    • Playwrighting & Directing; 《Four Thousand Days' Nights》, 《Ma'am of 405 is Very Kindhearted》,《A Series of Terrorists' Stories》, 《Crime of Passion》
    • Best 3 selected by The Association of Korea Theatre Critics
    • Best Play, Daesan Literature Award
    • Directed: 《A Series of Terrorists' Stories》, 《Woman Who Has Everything》, 《Reader》, 《Escape from GCord》, 《Terror》 etc.
  • Literature CriticismKWON Hee-chul
    • Ph.D. in Korean Literature, Seoul National University
    • Editorial Board, Magazine [Moonhak Dongne]
    • Awarded: Daesan Creative Fund(2012)
    • Essays in Criticism: [Be Your Face], etc.
  • Playwriting / DirectingGao Yeun-ok
    • B.A. in Food & Nutrition, DongA University
    • ● Awarded: 2018 Heidelberger Stückemarkt(International Author Prize), 2017 Cha Bumseok Play Prize, The DongA Theater Awards(Best Drama, Best Play), Korea Theater Critics Awards(Best Drama), Edaily Culture Award (Grand Prix, Best Play) 2015 Byucksan Play Prize, 2014 Edaily Culture Award (Best Classic), 2013 Daesan Literary Awards(Best Play), 2011 Korea Play Awards(Best Play), 2007 The Seoul Theater Festival Awards(Grand Prix,Best Play) etc.
    • ● Plays: <The Sense of a Wife>, <Guests>, <The God of Black Breath>, <I am Brother>, <The Father in a Sheath>, <My name is River>, <When I was a Crow>, <The Master is Come>, <As The Moon Flows on the Water>, <Story of Beak>, <The Week>, <Laugh, Grave>, <The First Kiss of Mankind>
    • ◦ Opera, Musical libretto : <An independent force in front of a theater>, <When I was a Crow>,<As The Moon Flows on the Water>,<Birth>
  • playwritingAnn hee-yeon
    • B.A in Chinese Language & Literature, Seoul Women's University
    • M.A. in Literature and Creative Writing(Poetry), Myongji University
    • Awarded: The 12th Changbi New Literature Award, The 34th Shin Dongyup Literary Award
    • Creative Works:: 『When I met your sorrow』(2012), 『Within what we call night』(2019), 『What I learned from the summer hills』(2020), ESSAY 『Hello and Goodbye to scattered hearts』(2017), 『You seem to be crying』(2018), 『You open me and stir me to my bottom : Pina Bausch, your Cafe Müller』(2019).