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  • Documentary DirectionKIM Jin-hyuk
    sample Department Head
    • B.A., Hanyang University
    • EBS Producer(2002~2013)
    • Works; 《JisikChannel e》 《Wonderful Science》, etc.
  • Broadcasting Theory/CriticismJEON Gyu-Chan
    • M.A., University Of Illinois At Chicago, USA
    • Ph.D., University Of Wisconsin, USA
    • Chief Researcher of Korean Broadcasting Institute
    • Work; 《Reconstruction of Monologic Space》, 《Recovery of Communicative Space》
    • Distinguished Scholar Award 2005 Korean Journalism Studies Association
  • CinematographyHAN Sung-soo
    • B.A., Theater and Film Studies, Chungang University
    • M.A., Broadcasting, Yonsei University
    • Cinematographer of SBS(Seoul Broadcasting System) &SBSNewstech, CHEIL Communication Inc
    • Work; 《Farewell To Songba(SBS)》, 《EUROASIA》, 《The Amazon : Expedition to The New World》, 《Unanswered Question》, 《The Report of Pyungyang
  • TV Narrative, Drama DirectingLIM Tae-woo
    • M.D. in Korean Modern Literature, Seoul National University
    • MBC(Munwha Broadcasting Cop.) Drama PD
    • Directed : MBC Political Drama 『The 5th Republic』, JTBC Drama『Yuna’s Street』, JTBC Miniseries 『Sketch』