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  • Digital Media VisualCHO Chung-Yean
    • M.F.A. in Digital Art, Carnegie Mellon University(2003)
    • B.F.A in Multimedia Design, Korea National University of Arts(1999)
    • Director of Mixed Reality Lab, Asia Culture Center (2016)
    • Member of Korean Association of Digital Moving Image(2007Current)
    • Lecturer at Korea National University of Arts; Yeonsei and HongIk University(20052015)
  • Commercial MediaCHO Pung-Youn
    • B.A., Graphic Design, Seoul National University
    • Established CODA Film Production Company (CEO, Commercial Film Director)
    • More than 600 TV CFs, Music Videos, SP Film produced
    • Finalist International Advertising Awards New York Festival
    • Grandprix Prize MKMF Music Video Festival
    • Excellence Prize Korea Advertising Awards, etc.
  • Visual GraphicsHAN Sang- Jin
    • École Des Arts Appliqués MJM (Diplôme), France
    • Visiting Professor at Korea National University of Arts
    • Motion Graphics & VFX Supervisor of KBS
    • Graphic Designer of A&C KOLON
    • Work; KBS TV Drama Series 《Seoul 1945》, Documentary Series 《HD History Special》, MBC TV Series 《M》, 《Entre chien et loop》, SBS TV Drama Series 《My girl》, etc.
  • Graphic DesignCHANG Yoon-hee
    • B.F.A., M.S., Communications DesignEmphasis in Graphic Design, Pratt Institute, USA
    • Graphic Designer of Network Design New York, USA
    • Designer of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd/ Samsung Research & Development Center/ Architectural Graphic Signage Design/ International associate of theatre critics extraordinary congress PR design, etc.
    • Design Committee Member of 2014 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games Candidate City Dream Team/ The Korean Theatre Journal, etc.
  • Computer GraphicsLEE Sung-eun
    • B.F.A., M.F.A. Seoul National University
    • M.F.A., Computer Graphics, Pratt Institute, USA
    • Previously employed at Multimedia Division, Samsung Electronics Corp.
    • Thesis: 《A Study in Aspects of Pictorial Expressions of Human Body》, etc.
    • Projects; Planning/Development of Educational Softwares